Windsurfing school Ada Bojana

Windsurfing has never been easier to learn, modern Hyper wide boards allow the beginner to ride after just 60 minutes. At Dragon project we have kit that is suitable for beginners, to advanced wave and race sailors. We have sails from 2m to 8.8m with boards from 75 JP wave to Starboard Formula 160. Course to suite our clients and Board rental by the hour or for longer if needed. We can offer windsurf storage and rescue cover if you wish to sail your own kit.

Where We Sail

Our centre is situated in an ideal place for windsurfing. We have shallow flat water for 100m into the sea that is ideal for learning basics and advanced beach and waterstarts. The sea floor is 100% sand so no sea urchins or sharp rocks, ideal for bare foot sailors. During the summer months the wind in the afternoons is a reliable force 4 to 5, with the morning wind force 3.